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Winter Office Cleaning

Winter Office Cleaning

WinWinter office cleaning is vitally important to improve the health of your employees. Of course, you want your office to look good all year ‘round, but more important is keeping your employees healthy.

During the winter months, people stay indoors more and more people get colds and flu. As much as you’d like for sick employees to stay home, not all of them do. Thus, whatever you can do to protect all your employees is valuable.

You’ll want to make sure your office is disinfected daily if possible. Germs and bacteria grow rapidly in warm offices, so you want your winter office cleaning to happen frequently. Desks, keyboards, counter tops are all places to be sure are clean. Places where larger groups of people congregate frequently will be good targets for your winter office cleaning, also.

Dusting surfaces is more important in the winter. Indoor pollutant particles have no where to go when your office is more closed up during the winter. Daily dusting is necessary to remove these particles.

Floors take a beating in the winter. This makes them necessary areas for your winter office cleaning. Hard surface floors need to be mopped with a mixture of warm water and a little vinegar. This will dissolve the salt tracked in by your employees and prolong the life of your hard surface floors. Microfiber mops are best for this chore.

Carpets are probably more vulnerable in the winter. They are manufactured to hide dirt. A lot of tracked in dirt can hide there before your carpets begin looking dull and dirty. But damage can already have been done. As your employees and customers track in grime, they also grind it into your carpet over and over. Most businesses have to contend with added tracked-in soil during the winter. So, your winter office cleaning should be directed at your carpets especially.

Periodically throughout the winter, you should have your offices professionally cleaned. To get the kind of clean workplaces that will lead to increased business and more productive employees, contact Joyce Janitorial in Laconia, NH, today. Call 603-524-8533 today.