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A Few Spring Cleaning Tips

A Few Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning tips? At a time when a husband’s thoughts turn to fishing and baseball? Yep. Because it’s also that time of the year when wives throw open the windows, take a deep breath, and hand their husbands a honey-do list.

So, spring cleaning is going to happen. You may as well know what the professionals say are the best ways to get it done.

As with many things, getting started is the toughest part. There are just too many other things to do, so many more fun things. So here are some spring cleaning tips to help you get started.

Tip Number One: Start at the front door. Put mats outside the front door and inside as well. Mats will soak up dirt and debris that would otherwise make it to the inside of your house. Another way to cut down this dirt and debris? Have only one entrance to your house instead of multiple ones.

Tip Number Two: Get rid of clutter. The Merry Maids cleaning service Folsom, CA, says if it can’t be put away, it’s clutter. They suggest having three categories: junk, charity, undecided. Throw the first away, give the second away, store the third until you can decide about it.

Tip Number Three: Use the right tools. Cotton diapers (if you can find them) or old tee shirts make wonderful cleaning cloths. You must have sponges, soft bristle brushes, rubber gloves, and a squeegee. Keep all these and other supplies you use in a container of some kind and take it with you from job to job.

Tip Number Four: Do the job right. Clean top to bottom. Dust first, then vacuum. Vacuum the carpet twice, changing directions. Scrub in straight lines. Wipe and polish the same way. Give your cleaning solutions time to work. Spray them on, then go scrub something else. Come back and wipe them off.

Tip Number Five: Move the fridge and stove, clean the floors under them well. Clean the inside of the fridge and clean the inside of the oven.

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