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Quality Assurance Inspections

Quality Assurance Inspections

Joyce Janitorial implemented our quality assurance program in 1995. The program has evolved into a comprehensive inspection routine completed by the Joyce Janitorial Management Team.cleaning services lakes region

During these periodic inspections, we encourage our customers to participate. We want every opportunity to get in front of our customers.  We do not want to be that “Invisible Cleaning Company” that nobody ever sees.

We solicit input from management as well as their staff because we are interested in hearing firsthand what the end users experience is.

After the inspection is complete, we contact the cleaner so that they can be part of the process.  If there are any issues, we see that they are resolved on the very next service date.

The cleaner must then sign off on each issue noted with a follow up visit from our Account Manager to validate that all issues were addressed satisfactorily.  We will also pass along to our cleaners any praises for a “job well done”.