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School Cleaning Services

School Cleaning Services

Why do you need professional school cleaning services? The answer to that question comes with this question. How many kids go through the average school classroom in a day? The answer: a lot!

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And with kids come dirt, germs, and viruses. No matter how well you parents teach your kids to be and stay clean, they seem to automatically spread dirt and germs everywhere they go.

Plus, schools are crowded, busy places. This increases the rate at which germs and viruses are spread. Every day, classrooms are filled with busy kids carrying on a number of activities. At the end of these full days, school cleaning services are definitely needed.
School cleaning services from professionals like those with Joyce Janitorial are an important tool to stop the spread of germs and viruses, thereby reducing lost school time for your students.

All schools have some things in common. One of those is very unique cleaning needs that are different from other organizations. Schools are environments where large numbers of people are in close contact with each other every day. This leads to the need for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Three separate steps in taking care of school cleaning.

First, cleaning. This is the process of removing dirt, dust, germs, and debris from surfaces. This is the level of caretaking most companies stop at. If a surface looks clean, it’s probably not also sanitized or disinfected. Just using soap and water isn’t enough. This level of cleaning may remove germs, or move them from one surface to another, but it doesn’t kill them. They’ll remain, alive and able to sicken children.

That’s why the second step, disinfecting, is also needed. Disinfecting is the process in school cleaning services that kills germs. After surfaces are cleaned, Joyce Janitorial professionals will then disinfect them to ensure any remaining germs are dead.

Sanitizing is the third step. This process ensures the level of of germs and viruses left is low enough to be no trouble. The likelihood of infection is dramatically lowered with this step.

When considering school cleaning services, not just classrooms must be cleaned. Hallways and student lockers are also important places to be cared for. Also, restrooms in hallways and especially those where access from the classroom is available must be cleaned especially well.

Joyce Janitorial professionals have the training and experience needed to clean, disinfect, and sanitize your schools to the highest level possible. Keeping your children healthy and their daily environment conducive to learning is an important responsibility. Let us help. Call or contact Joyce Janitorial today to get an estimate. Let us help you reach your goal of educating your children in the best way possible.