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Medical Office Cleaning

Medical Office Cleaning

As many of you know, a medical office can be a breeding ground for many viruses and bacteria brought in by ill patients. The last thing a physician wants is for his or her medical office to be the place patients catch any illness. Thus, cleanliness is an absolute necessity. Not only will it prevent patients from coming into contact with viruses or bacteria, it will also present a clean and professional first impression for patients.

Joyce Janitorial knows the importance of proper disinfecting, sanitation, and clean appearance for your medical office. Every place from the waiting room to the examination rooms has to be more than just clean.

About two million people every year are affected by healthcare-associated infections. Many of these could be prevented through proper and effective infection control procedures. Part of these procedures is proper medical office cleaning.

One clear goal of Joyce Janitorial is providing a clean environment for your patients, your staff, and visitors. This will help in preventing healthcare-associated infections through assuring proper cleaning of surfaces throughout your medical office setting.

The type of cleaning that will assist in preventing these infections in your medical office includes those areas that are considered “high touch” areas. These areas include exam tables, telephones, light switches, door handles, remote control devices, and computer keyboards.

To keep your medical office clean and as germ-free as possible requires regularly scheduled cleaning. You can be assured Joyce Janitorial workers know how to do this.

It’s important to investigate the experience and background of any janitorial service you think about hiring for your medical office. Just any cleaning service may not know the special needs of a medical office. It’s also vital to make sure your cleaning service is bonded and insured. You have a lot of expensive equipment in your medical office. It helps to know your cleaning service is professional and trustworthy.

Joyce Janitorial is just the service you’re looking for. They have the training and equipment needed to make your medical office as clean as possible. Contact them today. You owe it to your patients and staff.