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Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

Outstanding janitorial services include a lot more than just picking up a mop, broom, and bucket of water. There’s a lot more to good cleaning than people realize.

When you consider clean facilities lead to more productive workers, employees who take fewer sick days, and make a better impression on potential customers, you begin to realize the importance of janitorial services.

You want your facility to show people who are prospective clients/customers that you have a concern for details. Investing in excellent janitorial services will make your company money in the long run.

In this environmentally-conscious society, janitorial services that use “green” materials in cleaning are necessary. These materials could include microfiber cloths, chemicals that are free of harshness and strong odors, and materials that leave your facilities looking, smelling, and feeling clean and free of germs and bacteria.

You want janitorial services that take care of carpeted areas, treating spots and deep cleaning when needed. Also, you want hard surfaced floors cleaned well, including grout in tile floors. Not only cleaning, but also sanitizing break rooms and restrooms is necessary. Cleaning the upholstery on chairs and couches should be done. Washing windows, dusting, deep cleaning high traffic areas, and removing waste are tasks that good janitorial services do routinely.

Assurances that your janitorial services have stringent hiring and selection processes are also important. Background checks and having employees bonded add security for you and the janitorial company. Giving opportunities for good compensation, training, recognition, and potential advancement increase the quality of employee your janitorial service company hires.

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