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Floor Stripping and Waxing

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Floor stripping and waxing is one of the least thought about, but possibly most important parts of keeping your business or home appealing to others. People will see the condition of your floors almost before anything else inside your home or business.

Dirty, grimy, dull floors can give your customers and visitors the wrong impression. You want others to believe you take care of even the small details, and gleaming floors can go a long way toward showing them this is the case.

Not only that, but regularly attending to your floors will decrease the wear and tear on them that can lead to expensive repair or replacement.

These are only a couple of very good reasons for floor stripping and waxing on a regular basis.

Stripping your floors, sealing them, and applying a good wax will form a barrier between the floors and any materials that could damage or stain them. This will also protect your floors from everyday wear and tear from traffic.

Floor stripping and waxing is labor intensive and takes a lot of time to do correctly. But the payoff more than makes up for the expense.

You need to be certain whoever you hire to work on your floors knows how to do it. Floor stripping and waxing is a learned skill. You want technicians who have experience to do this task.

It’s also important that the correct chemicals and equipment are used for your particular type of floor. Using inappropriate materials can damage your floors, leading to more expensive repair or replacement.

Equipment used in floor stripping and waxing should be clean before use. Using soiled mops or buckets will just put contaminants in your wax job.

Safety is a big concern during the process. Safety clothing should be worn by the workers and safety cones should be placed in the area where the work is taking place.

It’s also important for the workers to know how to and how much to dilute the stripper. This can make a great deal of difference in the finished product.

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