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Floor Care and Winter Weather

Floor Care and Winter Weather

Many people don’t think about proper floor care in winter weather. Cold weather conditions, especially with snow and ice, are rough on floors.

No matter how hard you try to keep the outdoors out, people still bring snow, ice, rain, and chemicals into your buildings. And all of these can lead to wet and slick floors in your building. Wet, slick floors potentially lead to customer and employee falls. That is simply not acceptable.

That makes it extremely important for your floor care in winter weather to be the best possible. You want to be sure your customers and employees are safe, and you want to protect your floors to prevent excessive wear and tear that could bring expensive repair later.

So what do you do? There are several things involved in good floor care during the winter months.

The first of the things you can do is make sure you have sufficient matting at all doors. Matting is probably the best preventive measure in floor care for the winter. It cuts down on the amount of snow, ice, water, and chemicals tracked into your building. This will dramatically decrease the possibility of slip and fall accidents.

Many matting manufacturers recommend 15 feet of matting to catch most of the contaminants coming in. Of course, this isn’t possible in all facilities, so having as much high-quality matting as possible at all doors increases in importance. The goal is for no snow, ice, or chemicals to enter your building.

Another issue to be faced is good maintenance of your floors in winter. Mopping frequently to remove water will help a lot. Be sure to post reminders about wet floors on the floors and even on doors so customers will see as they enter. Use a neutral cleaner to remove as much salt buildup as possible.

Keep in mind winter is not the time to strip and refinish floors. Cold temperatures keep the finish from adhering well to the floors. Before the coldest weather, you might consider additional coats of finish to build up resistance to winter contaminants.

Joyce Janitorial will be glad to help you with your floor care in the winter months. It takes more time and attention for proper floor care in winter than any other season.