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Dust Control

Dust Control

In even the cleanest home, dust control can be a problem. It seems that right after dusting, you can find those areas where dust settles immediately. No one wants a house full of dust. Not only does it look bad, it can make you feel bad physically. People with allergies will attest to that.

So dust control is an important part of cleaning your home.

Surface cleaning isn’t enough. Not only does dust collect on visible surfaces like the tops of end tables and television screens, it also collects in fibers in carpets and under your furniture. Those dust bunnies under your bed may have been growing for years.

Carpets and area rugs seem to breed dust. If you want more dust control, take carpets and rugs out of your home. That may not be an option for you. If not, then you need to vacuum at least once a week with a good HEPA filter on your vacuum cleaner. Even with this kind of filter, most vacuums will release a large number of dust particles per cubic foot of circulated air. Better to have a central vacuum system that is exhausted outdoors.

Other areas of your home catch and hold dust, also. Books, knick-knacks, collectibles on open shelves. These need to be dusted frequently and completely, also. Using a feather duster serves only to spread the dust around. It’s not good for dust control Use some kind of chemical product to trap the dust particles and remove them.

What is house dust made up of?

This will be different from house to house, but generally dust examined under a microscope will show you fibers from clothing and other sources of textiles, parts of insects (yes, everyone has insect parts in their homes), pet dander, animal and human hair, bits of leftover food, pollen, mold spores, bacteria and fungi, skin flakes, tiny pieces of insulation, and dust mites. Once again everyone has dust mites in their homes.

The average home has more than 5,000 species of bacteria and 2,000 species of fungi living there.

So what’s the best dust control?

No method is perfect. There’s simply too much floating around. But having a professional clean your home or business periodically, will help greatly with dust control.

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