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Cleaning Carpets — Big Deal

Cleaning Carpets — Big Deal

Yes, cleaning carpets is a big deal. For some very good reasons.

To begin with, nothing in your home or business will take in more dirt and odors or make or break that all-important first impression like your carpet. Carpets take the brunt of the traffic wherever they are and catch whatever is tracked into your home or business.

And everything else considered, if your carpet is dingy and dirty-looking, if things trapped in it smell bad, your entire home or business will also.

That’s a major reason cleaning carpets is a big deal.

Another reason? Since carpets absorb everything that settles out of the air, how many germs and bacteria reside there?

Walking across the carpet could stir up things that have collected in it, possibly leading to illness and time off from work for you or your employees. At home, your children play on the carpet. What are they picking up by doing this?

So there’s another great reason for cleaning carpets.

Whether at home or in the office, carpets are collection pots for all kinds of things from inside and outside. That’s why there comes a time for professional carpet cleaning to empty the pot.

Keeping your carpet clean will add to its life, also. Wear and tear that comes from grinding all that “stuff” in your carpet day after day begins to show sometime. Extend the time your carpet looks and feels new by regular cleaning.

You’ll want a scheduled time for your carpet cleaning so as to interfere with your business the least. We can do that. We’ll come to your business or home and evaluate exactly the needs you have, then give you a quote for doing the job.

Joyce Janitorial uses the most up-to-date technology in carpet cleaning. Our truck-mounted system operates at pressures and temperatures that are the best for carpet cleaning. Call us today at 603-524-8533 for a free quote and to set up a time to evaluate your carpet cleaning needs on-site at no cost.