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Clean Your House For Winter

Clean Your House For Winter

In addition to any cleaning you may have done in the spring, it’s time to clean your house for winter. Cold weather is upon us and will get worse before it warms up again. Just like the winter cold is hard on the outside of your house, it’s also hard on the inside.

But there are some things you can do to get your house ready for winter.

Your floors really take a beating in the winter. People track snow and ice inside, along with the salt and other materials used to melt snow and ice. These materials get pressed down into your carpet, causing damage and decreasing its life span. Deep cleaning your carpet  periodically is an excellent step to clean your house for winter.

Hardwood floors or the laminate kind are also hurt by things tracked in during winter. Using an appropriate vacuum and/or dry mop frequently will help keep these floors clean.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you will have ashes in your house, as well. These ashes combine with the dust circulating in your house to produce that layer you see on every surface. In order to clean your house for winter, you need to get rid of this dust and ash.

One thing that can help you in ridding your house of dust and ashes is to change your furnace filter every month. Not only will this keep your air cleaner, it also makes your house more energy efficient.

When you dust your home, work from top to bottom. Remember to get ceiling fan blades, the tops of the molding around windows, and the tops of books.

When you clean your house for winter, think about cleaning the ceilings, too. Especially the kitchen ceilings where fumes from cooking and your fireplace can end up.

When you’re doing all of this, think also about sealing up any places where you feel drafts. These places will most likely be around windows and doors.

Doing all these things to clean your house for winter will make spring cleaning a little easier. But if you choose not to clean your house for winter by yourself, contact Joyce Janitorial in Laconia, NH, today. Call 603-524-8533 today to schedule a professional cleaning appointment.